Questions - design, hosting, email & more

Why use Zigger – not one of the other guys?

We are friendly. Yes, I know that sounds an odd reason, but we are. You can call us on a mobile number anytime if you have problem or a question for us and, unless it’s in the middle of the night, we will not be angry with you!

We are local. We are based in Thames Ditton in leafy Surrey and most of our customers are based within 10 miles of us. This means we don’t like to meet angry customers when we are out shopping. Life’s too short.

Our customers seem to like us. They have written loads of thank you emails and you can see some of their posted reviews on Google+ and Freeindex.

We use all the most modern techniques and systems to produce your website. We only code in HTM5 which is now the most popular system for the search engines and we also run up-to-date computers and software such Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

We are fast. A 5 page website usually takes around 5 working days to complete.

We don’t just do websites, we can help with all the other stuff like online marketing, Ad/Product design, Google advertising, email setup, logos and liaising with your printers and other suppliers.

I know absolutely nothing about computers or the internet, can you help?

Absolutely! Most of the websites we have produced have been designed for small companies or one man bands who do not have departments to deal with websites and know very little about them. We are very used to helping our customers through the process of design, production and ongoing support.

How do you design your websites?

Website design has changed considerably over the years and mostly for the better. In common with other web design companies, we have seen which websites work and which don’t. Happily big companies, with budgets considerably larger than ours, have tested and tested their websites and the results have changed the way sites are designed – less text, more graphics, punchy buttons – and it is this experience that we will bring to your website.

We want your website not just to look pretty but to actually do what it is supposed to do and that is why we start with questions like ‘why do you want a website?’ After that we will follow your views and offer our guidance along the way.

What is a domain name and why should I care about it?

The domain name is a unique name that you can buy that can be used to name your website and form the basis of an email address. So if your company is ‘R Jones Plumbers’, you may want to buy a domain called We will then attach this name to your website.

You can then buy an email address that’s related to your domain such as

What are the keywords on my website?

We research your business category and the search terms that people actually use then make sure those terms are included in your website. Once that’s done we then submit your site to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools so they know all about your website too!

How are photos handled on the website?

We can display your photos as images or in galleries on your website, they can also be used with text, shopping items and we can even improve them using our software.

Photos on websites do not need to be as large as they are for printing or on your camera – they would slow your website down for visitors who have poor internet connections – so we always reduce them to fit the space on the page. Don’t worry they still look great, but you can’t display more than the number of dots on your screen!

What is mobile optimisation?

Now that nearly 50% of internet access is made using a non-desktop device, it is important your website is easily readable on those devices. Sounds easy? No not necessarily. When we carry out this work we make sure it looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones – in both landscape and portrait modes.

What is hosting?

Your website is stored or hosted on a computer (or server) somewhere in the world (ours are in Nottingham) and the company that look after it make sure that it is backed up and always available. The cost of hosting varies according to features that are offered by the hosting company.

Do I need to buy hosting for my website?

No, you don’t, we can provide the hosting for all our websites. The hosting cost depends on whether you would like to manage the website going forward - using a Content Management System - or leave it to us. We charge £10/month for a CMS and £6.50/month for normal hosting.

What happens next?

Getting a website created by Zigger is very straightforward.

Give us a call on 0330 223 0078 or drop us an email to and tell us what you are looking to do.

We will ask you questions like why do you want a website, what do you want it to do, do you have works and images we can use, do you have any favourite sites?

We’ll ask you to send us a deposit of £250 to start the ball rolling – you pay the balance when the site is finished.

We’ll then start designing the site based on your requirements and send you a link to it. At this stage it will only contain around two pages, but we do this to make sure it looks good to you. If it doesn’t we’ll change it round for you, if it does, we move to the next stage.

We now complete the site using the style that you have seen to produce the rest of the website.

When you are happy with it, we will connect it your domain and do any keyword work you might have asked us to do.

Once the site is up and running, we ask if you would like to manage the site yourself and if so, we train you up and ask for the balance. That’s it, done!